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What If?

whatif6My recent series “What If?” has been receiving some attention in the press lately, due to the inclusion of three of the images in the Speaking Out Exhibition at Embrace Arts, University of Leicester.

The series is based on the theoretical question of “What if we were to teach our children at an early age about the harsh realities that face some?”

Clearly, we wouldn’t dream of exposing children to such things and my work is by no means intended to be used as an educational tool but by using Barbie dolls, an iconic toy that oozes perfection, I am demonstrating that life for some is by no means perfect. The series of ten images also explores insecurity, loneliness, illness and addiction.



We are free to be real, lose the responsibilities imposed on us by those far more self absorbed than we are meant to be.


All The Time

All The Time by Samantha Humphreys
I am Very proud that Mark Owen has selected me as a runner up for my recent submission to his design brief on Talenthouse
My piece was inspired by recent projects and my general outlook on life.

For the majority of us, a satisfied life consists of constant deadlines, constraints, rules, boundaries and a general acceptance that life, sometimes isn’t fair. However we choose to live our lives, we must take time to breath and appreciate what we have and focus on the positive. We must teach this to our children.

I was Inspired by a quote I was given on a 21st birthday card, in 1993

” As you walk through the garden of life, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses”

I have since lived by that advice.


Just so…..

Because life just is……




It’s A Matter of Trust

We shouldn’t be taught that life is perfect.





For the majority of us, a satisfied life consists of constant deadlines, constraints, rules, boundaries and a general acceptance that life sometimes isn’t fair.

  lost     Lost


What If?……..

Life doesn’t turn out how you expected it to?




The City

I was born in a city and moved to a rural area many miles away. The one thing I still miss after all this time is the buzz you get from a city centre.

I visited Chelmsford on two occasions and photographed people going about their business shopping, walking to work, queuing or tending to children. There were people chatting and socialising from all generations. I realised that what brings a city to life is the people and this is what I wanted to show in my series of work. I visited the site of the gallery and decided it allowed for art with some detail, as it will be seen by people walking along the path next to it, it is not really visible from the road.

Living in the City of Chelmsford means being close to the action, a place small enough however to maintain community spirit and corners of tranquility.

My series of five artworks were created by using photos taken within few minutes of each other blended to show moments of life in the city highlighting the harmony and tranquility within this thriving community.











There’s No Walls….

Over the summer, I became aware of how the status updates and comments on my friends Facebook pages affected my mood. I then started thinking, if adults were affected in this way then how would young people cope with it? seeing as they in many cases are dealing with several hundred “friends” and their updates, notifications and comments all at once.
How can we deal with being alone and yet crowded at the same time?